Monday, January 30, 2017

Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge

John West & Jeanette Scott

Yesterday on our way from Cattail Cove State Park to Buckskin Mountain State Park we stopped at the Bill Williams National Wildlife Refuge.  John West met us there at 8:30 and we spent the morning birding with lots of conversation.  John has volunteered at the "Bill Will" for many years in a wide range of roles, from countless hours of manual labor planting trees, to days of bird surveys, and numerous events of helping the public. He is a very humble person, but we did find out that he now serves on the board of the Friends of Mohave NWR and Bill Williams NWR.  His many hours of birding from his kayak also give him a unique and close-up experience with birds.  He was a great help in making correct identifications of many of the birds we saw.  You can see our Observation List and bird photos here.  We moved on to Buckskin Mountain State Park where we are currently set up. The temps have warmed up and feels very comfortable.  More on Buckskin tomorrow. 

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