Thursday, January 12, 2017

A Perfect Day

This morning Jeanette noticed this astonishing view of the moon going down through the clouds over the ocean.  I rushed out and took this photo at 7:10 AM. This was from our site at Oceanside RV Park in Gold Beach.  I should have recognized this as a good omen for the day, because as it turned out it was a perfect day in so many ways.  First off it was a dry day.  Not a drop of rain.  Bright sunshine all day long.  A stunning day of scenery as we drove south on Highway 101 past miles and miles of crashing waves along the beach line, deep towering redwood forests, and several herds of elk. Our high point of the day however, was an impromtu stop at Crescent City to change drivers. As we pulled over to the curb  at a city park, we noticed people walking their dogs along the bay and the light went on that we should take a walk and maybe get a chance to see some birds.  In the end we did get a list of birds and with a couple of good photos as shown below.   The Vermillian Flycatcher was a complete surprise. It's a rare bird for this far north, and we only recognized it from our years in Arizona.

male Vermillion Flycatcher

Black Phoebe

Tonight we are parked at the Bear River Casino north of Fortuna for the night, will be venturing on to Cloverdale tomorrow.

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