Sunday, January 22, 2017

It's All About The Birds

For us, it's all about the birds during our winter escape to the South West. For a huge number of RV'ers January marks the time to gather at Quartzite, a mass meet up in the desert of all things RV. Luckily for both Jeanette and I, we are in total agreement in our desire to avoid the crowds and seek a little more solitude. Davis Camp County Park, on the Colorado River just north of Bullhead City, is proving to be a perfect location for us to camp.  In the "A" circle where we are set up, there are 26 sites, with only four being occupied besides the host site. But beyond the light use of other campers is the great birding we are enjoying. Its been fun to re-acquaint our selves with birds we consider "old friends" that we don't get to see back home in Oregon. Everyday we take a good bird walk of several miles.  Yesterdays walk was so far the best, lots of sunshine, good temperatures, and a high of 31 different species identified.  Below are some some selected photos from yesterdays bird walk. For the complete observation list and photos click here.

Say's Phoebe 

Northern Mockingbird

Abert's Towhee


  1. Sounds like a perfect winter day! Beautiful photos and love the diversity of birds.

  2. It sounds as though you are in a great place .... but you are going to miss Dale's slide show. As I remember correctly you wanted to know when he next gives one ... This Thursday.

  3. Sorry Elva, we will probably not be back in Oregon until late March.

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