Monday, November 24, 2014

Number - T 7

We have seen this same Red-tail Hawk the last two times we have been birding at Fairview Wetlands in South Salem. The orange band on the left hand leg identifies it as number “T7”, and I have learned some interesting things about this Red-tail.  The Portland International Airport in their wildlife management program uses this particular orange plastic band. They tag these birds and relocate them to other sites.  In this case this bird was captured as a juvenile last year and released at Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. It has been seen for the last two winters now at Fairview Wetlands where it seems to be living and hunting successfully.

Below is a photo showing the Red-tail tearing about a mouse or vole we watched it capture and take to this bat house to eat.


  1. It's good to see that the relocation program the airport is using is working, at least for this Red-tail Hawk. Lee

  2. You might see this red tail for several more years. I know of a specific red tail that wintered in a nearby valley for 5 winters in a row... the bird was a partial albino and easy to recognize.