Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Dry Spot in the Weather

Late this morning we noticed it wasn’t actually raining, so we took advantage of the dry spot to go for a walk and bird at Fairview Drive Wetlands in South Salem. Buster loves to dig for ground squirrels there while we look for birds. I was hoping for some new arriving waterfowl now that the ponds are filled, but that was not the case, we could only find a couple of Mallards and one American Coot. However along the trail among the cottonwood trees we did find a good number of little songbirds, a Rudy-crowned Kinglet, a Bewick’s Wren, some Black-capped Chickadees and some Western Scrub Jays. Further along the trail we added some Robins, five Crows and a flock of Starlings, while over head few a flock of Canada Geese.
The most entertaining sighting was a small American Kestrel dive bombing this adult Red-tailed Hawk to the point that the hawk moved to another field.

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