Thursday, November 13, 2014

New Bird Feeder at the Reserve

On Tuesday while getting a bit of fresh air walking thru the Salem Audubon Society Nature Reserve, I noticed two 20 lb. bags of bird seed at the Osprey Kiosk.  I made a couple of phone calls and it appears an anonymous donor apparently left them.  The same person or someone else had ripped open one bag and spread half of it on the ground.  Despite the obvious good intentions, that is not actually a good idea because it attracts mice and rats and a good amount of the seed spoils and goes to waste.  I brought up the idea of a bird feeder and after some consulting with Eugenia Becker we arranged to get a bird feeder from the volunteer arm of Salem Audubon Society that makes birdhouses and feeders. I’m shown here yesterday hanging the new bird feeder from an oak tree. My hope is that not only will the feeder make life easier for some birds, but because its located next to the parking lot, park uses will get to enjoy watching the birds.

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