Friday, February 2, 2018

Spring on the Colorado River

This singing Black-tailed Gnatcatcher male says it all, spring has sprung on the lower Colorado River. Bird song fills the campground here at Cattail Cove State Park. Birds of all species are pairing up. Males are busy either proclaiming their territory or attempting to attract a female. Today I saw a pair of House Finches inspecting a bird house. Trees and shrubs are greening up. Fremont Cottonwood trees seem to have leafed out over night.  Day time temps are consistently in the low eighties. The daylight is starting to last a little longer in the evening. Spring starts earlier in the South-West, and birds need to get serious about nesting to get it done before the oppressive heat of summer. Migrating birds have a different strategy, they head north to cooler climates to breed and raise their young. I was reminded of that this morning when a huge flock of Canada Geese flew over, headed north.  We are starting our last month of volunteering at Cattail Cove for this season, the time seems to be speeding by, and we too will soon be heading north to enjoy a spring in Oregon.

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  1. It sounds perfect there right now! So glad you two get to enjoy it. Thanks for the colorful, cheerful narrative & photos.