Monday, February 26, 2018

Last Day at Cattail Cove State Park

This is our Serenity waiting patiently next to the Cactus Garden this morning, waiting for me to finish  my morning guided bird walk. Today was our last day at Cattail Cove State Park for this season of volunteering.  It has been a very rewarding experience.  In our two months here I have logged 225 volunteer hours, led 40 guided bird walks, plus a half-dozen other un-official hikes and bird walks. Sixty-six different species of birds have been identified in this period, making Cattail Cove State Park the number one eBird Hot Spot of the 76 Hot Spots in Mohave County year-to-date. But even more rewarding have been all the wonderful people we have interacted with.  I've found it very enjoyable to have new people show up each day eager to learn more about the birds to be seen here in the park.  An additional pleasure has been the 15 or so friends and past bird walk participants that have come to attend these bird walks, some to even camp here.  We left today looking forward to returning next year.  Because the weather is not that great back in Oregon yet, we have decided to take a little more circuitous route back catching some warm weather in the vicinity of the Salton Sea. After leaving the park this morning we stopped in Parker for lunch, groceries and fuel, and drove on to Lake Tamarisk Desert Resort where we have a site for the night.

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