Saturday, October 17, 2015

White-throated Sparrow

Jeanette found and I photographed this White-throated Sparrow yesterday during our bird walk at Luckiamute Landing State Natural Area. We were in the South Unit, also known on eBird as the Vanderpool Tract. As sparrows go, I think this is one of the more colorful ones.  He appears to be ready to voice his disapproval of me taking his photograph.  None the less we were quite pleased to see him.  White-throated Sparrows are winter birds here in the Willamette Valley, arriving in October and hanging around until May.  This is our first one for this season and special after seeing so many common Song Sparrows.  You can see our bird list for the morning here.

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  1. Nice list. It looked like a beautiful day for birding up there.