Monday, October 5, 2015

Give Us This Day Our Daily Birding

Jeanette and Buster are shown here at a bench overlooking the Willamette River during our morning bird walk yesterday morning at Willamette Mission State Park.

A daily bird walk has become so much a part of our daily life as to be almost as important as our daily bread. It is what we enjoy the most.  We are convinced there is no better medicine.  By walking several miles each day we get in some exercise, which we all three need.  Sunlight, according to medical authorities is helpful by providing needed vitamin D.  The quest to identify birds is always a mental challenge, which medical authorities claim is important to help fend off memory loss in the aging process.  And then there is the intangible good feeling and comfort we feel being out in the natural world. We love the beauty of trees and shrubs, the curve of the trail, the bubble of the stream, the seasonal change of flowers to fruit, the change of leaves from green to yellows and reds. It makes our hearts sing.  We are grateful for each day we are allowed some time for birding.

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  1. You continue to paint pretty awesome verbal pictures (somehow that verbiage doesn't seem to do what you DO do...justice). Please be to continuing on, my friend!