Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Let Our Dog Explore???

This is the sign that greeted us when we stopped to go birding today at the Kilchis Point Reserve just north of the town of Tillamook.  Notice the forth line in the "Go ahead" block, "Let your dog explore".  Are you kidding me????  What ever happened to "No Dogs Allowed" or the most common, "All Dogs Must Be On A Leash"? I almost dropped my camera.  I unhooked Buster's leash and let him roam. Actually he likes to stay right with us. This turned out to be an unbelievable park, I will  write more tomorrow and post more photos.  This is just sort of a teaser.  But I will reveal that we saw a record number of birds which you can see on our observation list here. The dogs? Well, they were all very well behaved.  Even the black lab that chased sticks in the bay did not seem to cause much concern with the water fowl. It was a peaceful place, everyone just got along.