Thursday, October 22, 2015

Kilchis Point Reserve

Finding a break in our work schedule around home, and a promising weather forecast for the coast we took off yesterday morning for a three day trip to Tillamook County.  Kilchis Point Reserve has been on my list of places to visit since reading about its dedication this past May.  Located on Tillamook Bay, Kelchis Point has a long history of importance to native Americans and then to early pioneers and later to the logging industry.  It has recently found a new life in the roll of Nature Reserve, thanks to efforts of the Tillamook Pioneer County Museum, the Ford Foundation, and the Spirit Mountain Community Fund. With 200 acres and over 2 miles of trails it is a sanctuary for a variety of outdoor enthusiasts. For us it was a location to look for birds, but place is always paramount in our birding experience, and this reserve has it in spades.  It was actually a little hard to stay focused on birds, the beauty of the trail and the abundance of trees and shrubs kept grabbing our attention. The numerous historical interpretive displays slowed our pace to a crawl.

The western end of the trail leads to this gazebo overlooking Tillamook Bay rich with waterfowl. The amount of work that has gone into the design and implementation of this park is unbelievable. Whether you simple enjoy a walk in the woods, or want to walk your dog, or have an interest in native plants, or want to learn more of the history of the area, Kilchis Point Reserve is a place reserved for you.