Saturday, February 21, 2015

Tree Planting on Rickreall Creek

Here I am planting a tree on the banks of Rickreall Creek this morning. This is actually a pictorial way to announce that we are back home in Oregon.  We arrived home to West Salem yesterday afternoon. In checking my e-mail last night I noticed that there was a volunteer event to plant native shrubs and trees along Rickreall Creek Trail in Dallas this morning. My dear wife in the spirit of encouragement said to me, "why not." So off I went early this morning in my pick-up, gloves and shovel in hand. Because we enjoy walking and birding on this trail so much, known officially as the Rickreall Creek Trail System or RCTS, it felt good to give back to it's continuing development and improvement. Hopefully years from now when my grandsons push me along the concrete walkway in my wheel-chair I will be able to point at a tree or two and say "I remember planting that tree". By the way it's great to be back in Oregon where there is water in the creeks and rivers and green grass along their banks.  


  1. Welcome home! Looks like a great way to embrace being back.

    1. Thanks Patty, that's exactly the way I felt, but wouldn't have been able to put it in words until I read your words.