Monday, February 9, 2015

Dos Picos Regional Park

At the recommendation of Ranger Dean at William Heise County Park we have ventured down the west slope of the Laguna Mountains today to another San Diego County Park, Dos Picos Regional Park.  We are sold on camping in county parks in general, and San Diego County Parks in particular seem to be a perfect fit for our style of camping.  This campground is well manicured in a setting of oak trees and green grass.  Upon our arrival today at Buster's insistence we went for a hike on the nature trail as shown in the photo.  This park also has a nice pond which we were able to add a lot of water fowl to our San Diego county list. We have enjoyed great hikes every day for the last five days in San Diego County, but tomorrow we begin our push north, driving around the east edge of the greater Los Angeles area, up the Cajon Canyon and out into the Mojave Desert.  Stay tuned we will try to keep you up-todate on our adventure.

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  1. Sounds perfect. We are looking forward to the updates on your adventures!