Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Stop at Castle Crags

park entrance

When we left our campsite at Lake Solano County Park this morning we thought our stop for the night would probably be Redding. But we made such good time today even after a stop for fuel, groceries, and lunch in Anderson, that Redding seemed to soon.  So we ventured on thinking perhaps Weed.  But as we began to climb the grades around Lake Shasta our energy began to sag.  Jeanette suggested that we stop at Castle Crags State Park.  I was pretty sure the park would be closed, but agreed to humor her and stop. Dang if she wasn't right,---again. 

It seemed like summer when we stepped out of the motor home at the entrance.  We ventured on to seek a campsite not knowing what we would find.  Site 26 was the first empty site we saw, but it was necessary to assure ourselves it was the best one, and because the camp ground was completely empty, that meant we had to inspect a lot of sites. 

The next thing I would have lost money on was cell service.  We have been plagued with poor cell service in a number of wonderful campgrounds on this trip. But again I was wrong.  

Here we are in a wonderful woodsy campsite, with the temperature at 70 degrees, and great cell and Internet service. Plus, I almost forgot a two dollar discount for seniors, making our total $23. No one can ask any more for a good stop.   

relaxing in site 26


  1. Looks relaxing & beautiful! Have fun.

  2. Nice! Wow, you're going to beat us back to Salem! ;)

    1. John---I try and scout out some bird areas for you.