Sunday, February 8, 2015

California Thrasher

This is a California Thrasher that I photographed during this morning's bird walk on the Oak Canyon Trail.  Although not what I would call a good photo, it is the best I had for the day, and is a significant photo because it is the only species of Thrasher in this area and a new one for our trip.  We have been seeing both Curved-bill and Crissal Thrashers in Arizona, but the California Thrasher was a new one for us. This morning's bird walk was our best of our four days here in William Heise County Park at 27 species. Our most spectacular observation of the morning was watching three Red-tailed Hawks chase off a Golden Eagle. We have enjoyed our stay here at William Heise Park.  It seems to meet all our requirements; a good campsite in a quiet campground, good opportunities for hiking and birding, and most importantly good cell service, and absolute necessity for us. Tomorrow we travel on to another San Diego County Park, Dos Picos near the town of Ramona for a day or two. From Ramona we will begin our migration back north, with plans to be in the Bay Area by next weekend.  


  1. Glad you are having a nice, dry time away..we have had rain, rain.. and hi water in the river...but it all ends tomorrow. Have fun..

    1. OK Stephanie, we have been waiting for the rain to stop to be able to come back to Oregon.