Monday, July 14, 2014

Photographer Extraordinaire

I took John West with me this morning to Willamette Mission State Park to check out some trails. He is shown here in action as he tries to get some good shots of a family of thirteen Common Mergansers, a couple of Long-billed Dowitchers, and some Least Sandpipers. He will go to great lengths to get a good shot, take advantage of cover, and use anything to steady his camera and big lens. John is a photographer first, and a birder second. This morning was a perfect example, in addition to photos of birds and scenery; he came away with a photograph of an elk! You can see more of his work at John West Images.


  1. What a surprise to read today's blog! Jim, you're the best and I appreciate you inviting me along on so many wonderful mornings of birding. I appreciate how much you're willing to share your knowledge. An example is how you readily volunteer to lead bird walks - from AZ to OR!

  2. Beautiful photos John! Jim is an awesome resource of all things outdoors - - birds, backcountry, and more.