Friday, July 25, 2014

A Downy Woodpecker

The best photo from yesterday’s birding trip to Keizer Rapids City Park is this male Downy Woodpecker. The red “skull cap” is the clue that this is a male of this smallest of woodpeckers. The trip was a Field Trip put on by the Salem Audubon Society.  It was my first trip with the SAS, and as I think back it’s possibly the first trip ever with someone else leading, a different experience and well worthwhile. This trip was led by Mike Unger who lives in Keizer and knows the park and trails very well.  His preparation and patience is a model for any trip leader. We were able to identify thirty to forty different species depending on the sharpness of the observer. The group totaled a dozen people, some with great skills in identifying a bird purely by sound, which has challenged me to spend more time in learning more calls and songs.

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