Sunday, August 21, 2011

Least Sandpiper

I’ve been scratching my head for several weeks for locations in Douglas County where I would be able to find new species of birds to add to my eBird List.  And, wouldn’t you know it, that location now appears to be right under my nose! For the second day in a row the Umpqua River right in front of our city park, the Alfred Tyson Park, has given me a brand new species.  Yesterday it was the Spotted Sandpiper; today it was a Least Sandpiper.  When I saw this small bird today I started taking photos and just assumed it was the same sandpiper as yesterday.  When I got home and looked closer I realized it was a different species.  That is when the detective work began and I checked the bird guides and looked for clues as to what I had seen.  After much deliberation I finally am satisfied that what I photographed is a juvenile Least Sandpiper.

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