Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spotted Sandpiper

Doing daily walks around Elkton for Buster and bird watching I repeatedly see the same species every day, so whenever I get to see a new bird, I consider it a real gift.  This was the case with this Spotted Sandpiper feeding in the Umpqua River.  At first sighting I was ready to dismiss it as another Killdeer. When I took a closer look with the binoculars I realized it did not have the facial pattern for a Killdeer, but I was unclear what it was, so I continued to watch it.  Then it turned to me and I noticed the telltale spotted breast, and as I continued to watch I saw the trade mark tipping back and forth that made it a positive identification of a Spotted Sandpiper, a first for me in Douglas County.  

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