Sunday, August 7, 2011

Buster and Birding

We took Buster for a long walk out Schad Road this morning as far as Elk Creek Ranch in search of birds.  He was enthusiastically met by one of the ranch dogs that was very anxious to make his acquaintance. Birding however, for us was far less exciting. It seems to be a quiet time of year for birds.  Gone are the wonderful spring songs of the males seeking to entice their mates, silence now fills these cool overcast mornings, giving the impression that the birds may still be asleep. We did see hundreds of Violet-green Swallows congregating on power lines, amassing for their migration to the south.  I’m feeling that it’s going to be a long wait until October for the fresh influx of migrating birds from the north.   


  1. I love the playfulness the farm dog is showing...yet Buster isn't too sure he wants any part of it!
    Good Luck bird-searching this week!

  2. Yes, you read Buster's body language perfectly.