Friday, October 2, 2020

Revisiting Nestucca Bay NWR

Glenn & Jeanette looking across Nestucca Bay

 A couple of weeks ago Jeanette and I explored Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge for the first time.  I posted that trip in the Cascade Ramblings Trip Journal. Our friend Glenn, who is visiting us this week, read the Trip Journal and wanted to go birding there. On our previous trip Jeanette and I had hiked from the Upper Parking Lot on the Two Rivers Trail as far as the picnic table. On this trip the three of us hiked to the picnic table again, but then took the fisherman's trail on down to the bay.  From that vantage point we were able to view water fowl that we could not see on our last trip. We hiked the road back and through the gathering fog and smoke, spotted a Bald Eagle circling over the Refuge fields. You can see our eBird observation list here


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  1. Good for you. Thanks for the positive post. Hi to Glenn ... the three of you have exponentially good energy and I'm sure the birds love you as much as you love them 🌲😊🌲