Wednesday, October 28, 2020

New Camping & Birding Locations

This was an exploration trip we took yesterday in the Oregon Coast Range to ferret out parks and campgrounds of Lincoln County. And of course birding locations!

Our first stop was Elk City Park.  This is a hidden gem located at the confluence of  Big Elk Creek and the Yaquina River. Popular with fishermen, the campground has 12 campsites. Bird List

Our second stop was in the town of Siletz at the Hee Hee Ilahee Park.  Boat access to the Siletz River is a big part of this park.  We enjoyed sunshine and lunch here as well as bird watching.  Bird List

Our third stop was at the Strome Boat Launch and the adjacent Barbara & Walter Brown Memorial Park. Although the campground was closed in the Brown Memorial Park, we enjoyed a bird walk on the trail along the Siletz River. Bird List 

We did check out one more campground,  A.W. Jack Morgan Park. A boat launch is on the south side of the highway, and the campground is on the north side. Although I failed to get a photo, we found the campground very well kept. Lots of shade, this is probably an ideal camping spot in the summer. The one negative note is that all of these locations were without cell service.  


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  1. I visited Elk City Park, for the first time, a couple weeks ago. My son and I fished there. No luck though!