Thursday, March 2, 2017

Patagonia Lake State Park Grand Finale

Green Kingfisher

Jeanette's sharp eyes spotted this female Green Kingfisher this morning. Smaller than our common Belted Kingfisher, and with a larger bill in proportion to the body.  It is listed as a rare bird here in the South West and found only in a small area of Southern Arizona. This was our last morning of birding here at Patagonia Lake State Park, and we took once again the Birding Trail. Here is our observation list. The Green Kingfisher is the 5th new spices I have added to my Life List while here at Patagonia Lake. This marks the end of the birding blitz we have been on here in South-Eastern Arizona, and one that has us hoping for a return next winter. Tomorrow we turn our route north and drive to Sun City to visit family, brother Mark & sister Kathy, then we make our way back through California with stops with more family and then on to home in Oregon. 


  1. You guys sure have a birds eye view of things:) Beautiful picture of the hummer.

  2. Take your time & enjoy the Southwest! We still have a long term forecast 10-15 degrees below normal.

    As long as you keep posting spectacular bird photos & adventures in avoiding incumbent weather!