Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Full Day of Birding

Buster & Jeanette birding from the paddle boat

Yesterday was rather questionable weather wise all day,  with overcast skies, cool temps and high winds.  Today with good weather in the forecast we planned to make a long bird walk on the Patagonia Lake State Park Birding Trail.  We had been told by a volunteer that the trail was where we would find the most birds.  We were out the door before 8:00am dispite the fact the temps were still in the 30s.  We took pitty on Buster and let him stay in the motor home.  The trail starts on the other side of the campgrounds, so we got a fast walk in to the trailhead.  We discovered it was indeed a fantastic area to bird and racked up a observation list of 47 species, which included a Rufous-winged Sparrow, another new addition to our Life Lists. Back to the motorhome, we took Buster for a short walk, had lunch and then rented a paddle boat to try out, and Jeanette made up another list. The two photos below were taken from the paddle boat.  After that excusion we drug our tired bodies back to the motor home and spent the remainder of the afternoon trying to recoup.

 Pied-bill Grebe

Cinnamon Teal

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