Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Plover Patrol Orientation

Jeanette & Vanessa
Today we spent the morning with Oregon State Parks biologist Vanessa Blackstone hiking the Nehalem Spit to train for our summer volunteer position on the Plover Patrol.  Each month we will be returning to survey this beach for Western Snowy Plover.  The Western Snowy Plover was found on this beach last summer for the first time in 30 years.  State Parks is committed to keeping a close watch on this state and federally threatened species, and has five different beaches that will be surveyed this summer for plover. Although the little plover have been seen twice this year on this beach, disappointingly we did not find any today.  We did see some of their predators, several Crows, a Raven, a Northern Harrier, and even a Peregrine Falcon.  In all, it was a quiet day for birds. The best bird photo I had for the day was the Orange-crowned Warbler below.

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