Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Osprey in Action

This photo was taken today at the Audubon Nature Reserve in West Salem.  It's two Osprey, a female on the pilot perch at the nest site, and the male coming in.  The male continued down to the nest where it looked like for the next ten minutes he worked on arranging some of sticks.  It's early in their season and there will be a lot of jocking around on the nest.  He will probably bring her special gifts of green branches or other treasures.  Once the chicks hatch he will be the soul provider bringing fish to her to feed the babies. This marks my third season of observing and photographing at the Audubon Nature Reserve.  It's a volunteer job, and in the past three years I have participated in a number of different projects.  English Ivy removal was big on the list at one time, artificial cavity nests was another big project. and there has always been trail work and litter removal.  But recently my main responsibility has boiled down to photography birds, wildflowers and the working events at the Reserve.  The photographs are now displayed on a Facebook page that I started and maintain. Click here to visit the page.  It's rewarding work and hopefully helpful to the community, the Audubon Society, and the birds and animals that call the few acres of the Audubon Nature Reserve their home. In the coming months there will be lots of action to document until the Osprey take thier leave south for the winter.


  1. Really appreciate all the work that you do at the Reserve, Jim. Plus babysitting the ospreys and all your photos.

  2. Jim's contributions of photography and commentary related to the Salem Audubon Nature Reserve lends credibility to the importance of the reclamation work being done by unsung volunteers on a steady basis. Lee