Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Thing I Like About Juveniles

The thing I like about juvenile birds is their naivety. They are unaware of the ways of the world. They haven't caught on to some of the important facts of life --- like humans could be predators. Therefore they are easier to see than an experienced wise adult. This morning's juvenile Pileated Woodpecker shown above is a case in point.  We heard and then found him pounding away on a big fir tree limb.  He paused, gave us a curious look and then went back to pounding. An adult, once spotting us would have vanished immediately.  Another example comes from yesterday when a juvenile Song Sparrow showed up on our patio in a rather carefree way before being ushered out of harms way by an adult Song Sparrow. Next time you notice a bird that seems to tolerate your presence more than normal, consider it might be a juvenile.   

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