Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Stoping to Smell the Roses

Felt kind of puny today, so didn't work on the Scotch Broom while we were at our volunteer spot on the beachhead of the Oregon Dunes Loop Trail.  Didn't make a bird list either or get any bird photos. I guess you could say I took time to "stop and smell the roses", as I did pay a little more attention to the flowers under foot and took a few photos.

Beach Pea

Coastal Strawberry

Seashore Lupine


  1. I always have to stop to 'smell' the roses no matter how busy I am because I am lucky to get to work in nature each day. My favorite time during peak summer is 5 to 6 in the morning when our hummers start to get active and the Robins do their special chortle when I get too close to the nest and the sleepy Bumble bees are taking their time vacating the flowers they are sleeping under, plus lots of butterflies & so excited to see my first blue dragonfly last week. Thanks for the reminder post, life is good when you stop to smell the roses. ;)

  2. Patty, what a great description- I can easily imagine your morning delight ��