Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Bird/Dog Hike

This morning we took our friends Dan & Charlene and their dog Cocoa and our dog Buster for a bird hike.  It is a day off for Jeanette and I, and even though our volunteer job involves hiking and birding everyday, still our choice for our day off was to go on a bird hike. It didn't seem like work because we were able to bring friends and dogs along. We started at the Taylor Dunes Trailhead and walked to Carter Lake, circling through the Carter Lake Campground.  From there we took the Carter Dunes Trail to the beach and then returned back via the Taylor Dunes Trail. It's been a favorite of ours since living in Elkton and we always enjoy visiting this little used campground and trail system.  Dan, Charlene, Jeanette and the dogs are shown taking a break and sharing a snack while on the Taylor Dunes Trail.

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