Thursday, January 22, 2015

Great Horned Owl

We have been parked on the curb in Sun City for the last two days, and during that time we have walked a good deal around the area and kept our eyes out for birds.  The most interesting sighting, hands down, has been this Great-horned Owl, and it was right in my brother Marks’s court yard. The first night my sister-in-law Holly showed us the the nest and an owl in their court yard tree, but it was too dark to get a photo.  Yesterday mid-day we got a better look, and I was able to get this photo.  This is probably the male who is standing guard close by with the female on the nest.  Great-horned Owls start nesting in January much earlier than most other birds. Mark and Holley will have a great opportunity with this nesting pair right in their front court yard to keep track of developments and watch for the chicks.


  1. In my mind every owl sighting is a treat. If I were you I'd just move in with your brother for the nesting season (:-))