Monday, September 15, 2014

Not Just About Birds

Some readers might have begun to think my blog is just about birds, but actually I enjoy lots of other things.  I have long been interested in native plants and flowers.  Here are a couple of wild fruits I have taken photos of this past week.  The top photo is of Crabapple fruit, the lower photo is of Black Twinberry.  Their bright colors in the late summer always get my attention.  The birds seem to be attracted to them too; oops there I go about birds again.  Well, maybe this blog is for the birds. 

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  1. For a couple of months now, I have had the twinberry on my plant radar. I noticed it this summer in Glacier National Park while on this year's Chemeketan annual outing. Also, on wild grounds adjacent to Albany's Talking Waters, it can be found in abundance. Out at the Salem Audubon Nature Reserve, we planted a couple of specimens. I think we need more; it is such a pretty shrub and bird-friendly.