Monday, September 1, 2014

A Magical Morning

I left home this morning for our new assignment at Beaver Creek SNA shortly after six AM, the streets where empty, the highways quiet. When I stepped out of the motor home for a break at Siletz Bay I was greeted with sunshine, the chatter of Kingfishers and the cry of gulls. I breathed deep of the fresh moist air and felt most fortunate to be alive and enjoying the moment. Traffic was so light that I was able to simply pull over to the curb at Depoe Bay and watch the fishing boats heading out on a calm sea.  The scene in the above photo caused me to pull over near Beverly Beach and marvel at the morning sunlight accenting the waves with the background of Yaquina Head and the Light House. All things seemed in harmony.  I’m not sure why more mornings are not like this, but this magical of mornings was one to remember and hold one to.   

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  1. Life is good! Thanks for sharing your moments of communing with nature.