Saturday, September 27, 2014

Cleaning Out My Desk

Most people have had the experience of having to clean out their desk when they leave their job.  It’s one of the last things you have to do, and it’s always a bitter-sweet experience as you go through your desk and files and find things that should have already been discarded, projects never finished, and items that hold pleasant memories. For me, cleaning out my desk in this case is cleaning up my photo files.  Hundreds and hundreds of photos have been taken over the past month at Beaver Creek and the surrounding area.  Some turned out to be good photos, but many need to go in the trash, out of focus, bad lighting, repetitive, etc... But a couple I have come across represent unfinished work. One is of a mushroom taken on the Beaver Creek Loop Trail, chalk white with neither spores nor gills underneath the cap.  The other is a large moth I found one morning clinging to the shingles on the side of the Welcome Center, camouflaged so well it’s hard to make out any defining characteristics.  I’ll save them both and maybe someone at some point will give me a hand in identification. Tomorrow is our last day; after our shift is complete we drive home to Salem. 

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