Sunday, December 8, 2013

Morning Fix

Because of the extreme cold weather we have been taking the hummingbird feeder inside the house at night to prevent freezing.  This morning when I hung the feeder outside in the grey dawn around seven o’clock; it was only a few seconds before the hummers were on it. The feeder hangs in the protected area of out patio where the thermometer read 14 degrees this morning.  Many of us humans depend on coffee to get us going in the morning, but I am convinced that hummers get their fix from the sugar water, and this morning they seemed desperate. I only noticed the one bird feeding when I took this photo, but after downloading into the computer and I noticed the tail of a second bird on the far side.  Most of the time they battle over the feeder, only allowing one bird to feed at a time, however this morning I think they were too desperate for their fix to fight.   


  1. Mine hangs by the kitchen window and the hummers usually fly off if I move around in there too much. This morning they braved it out. Like yours, I think they were desperate for their breakfast.

  2. Last winter I had 4 hummers during our really cold snap .. and they got along fairly well, But as soon as temperatures were back to normal, one was master of the feeder again.

    It looks as though you have a wonderful variety of yard birds …..