Sunday, December 8, 2013

Birding from my Window

I’m beginning to feel that I’m addicted to this matter of birding from the comfort of our warm house looking out through the patio doors to the back yard.  In fact, I may never venture out into the cold hard world again. Just kidding, I’m sure I can quit anytime, just don’t know at the moment why I would ever want to. -- Below are a few birds I have seen today.  Nineteen different species were identified.  I don’t believe we made it to thirty degrees. 

A cold female Anna's Hummingbird from this morning.

An uncommon White-throated Sparrow.

A first winter Golden-crowned Sparrow.

A tiny male Downy Woodpecker

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  1. Great pictures. I have been enjoying the birds from inside too. I didn't see as many species as you did but we had quite a few, even mourning doves and a couple of northern flickers. Then the darn starlings showed up!!