Friday, December 27, 2013

Seeking Some Sunshine

It seems as though we have an aversion to inversions, so after numerous days of suffering from the cold and dark of a long term temperature inversion in the Willamette Valley we packed up the RV for some sunshine on the Oregon Coast.  We did some exploring and our most pleasant stop was at Knight Park on the Salmon River estuary.  Notice the meadow in the background, and then look at the lower zoomed photo for the elk.  Jeanette counted 71 elk.  They seemed to be enjoying the sunshine too.

After some lunch and some birding we ventured on to Lincoln City for some groceries at Safeway and are now boon docking in the Chinook Winds Casino parking lot.  They allow free parking for casino customers.  Those who know us well know we will be having a big night of dinner, drinks, and a show and gambling----not.  


  1. ...and hijinks will ensue at the gamboling (yes, I spelled that the way I wanted) table! Enjoy the sun, you turncoats!

  2. Very nice! You can sight some very unique birds at Casinos.

  3. Enjoy the sunshine! Tomorrow I think we head into the Cascades to escape the fog once again...