Sunday, December 22, 2013

Birding From My Kitchen Table

I would like to be able to say that I went to a lot of trouble and it took a huge effort to get this photo.  Truth of the matter is I had to put down my fork to be able to pick-up my camera. You see, my camera seems to reside a good part of the time on the kitchen table as I’m always taking photos into the back yard.  Today at lunch time we were enjoying a great salad when this Yellow-rumped Warbler flew in. One click is all it took and I had this bird, didn't even have to get out of my chair! Maybe I don’t need to drive great distances and hike a long ways to go birding.  Perhaps I’ll just park my butt permanently at the kitchen table.


  1. Beautiful! Your posts are always entertaining & educational regardless of the original destination!

  2. Great shot. I love indoor birding too - only my window is in the living room. My favorite visitor is my little Townsend's Warbler...but I enjoy all of them.