Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Rickreall Creek Trail

This morning Jeanette, Buster, I, and daughter Lisa all went for a walk on a new section of the Rickreall Creek Trail in Dallas. This trail, also known as the RCTS, is an outstanding trail winding along Rickreall Creek through the middle of the small community of Dallas. It’s being developed piece by piece, and this newest section, which extends east from the Aquatics Center, is my favorite. Rickreall Creek bubbles a few feet away, birds dart in and out of the bushes and fly from tree to tree in the towering over story. And today we found the shade very inviting.  Oh, and I should add, the location is so close that we walked there from Lisa’s house.  The bird of the day was this male Hairy Woodpecker, shown below, which we were able of observe for some time up close.  The female was close by, but I failed to get her photo.