Sunday, September 8, 2013

Last Days

Tomorrow is our last day of volunteering at Beaver Creek State Natural Area for the 2013 season.  The above photo was taken on the bridge across Beaver Creek at Ona Beach State Park on our arrival on June 30th.  It’s been a great summer and it ranks near the top, if not the very top of our volunteering experiences, and there have been many of them. In fact, next month will be the anniversary of our very first volunteer job, which was at Wizard Falls Fish Hatchery on the Metolius River for the month of October in the year 2000.

We’ve counted ourselves lucky to have been here this summer at Beaver Creek SNA during July and August, escaping the heat of the inlands valleys, and fortunate to be able to spend a good part of our free time walking and birding on the Oregon Coast. I’ve enjoyed meeting visitors and serving as a resource for questions on hiking and birding, and Jeanette as discovered additional joy in mowing lawns and landscape work.
In the end, I think we see ourselves like the little kids in the photo below I photographed earlier this summer. Although we wear the disguise of 65 year old plus bodies, we have been two kids at play in an exciting adventure.


  1. Nicely put, Jim!

  2. Very nice! Perfect, we always love the eloquent ramblings & beautiful photos ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing guys - what a wonderful adventure!