Saturday, September 21, 2013

Return to Fairview Wetlands

On a return trip to Salem on Thursday we made a quick stop at Fairview Wetlands again where Jeanette spotted this Green Heron.  Green Herons are good sized birds with a length of 18”, but are hard to see, in fact missed by many people, because they are such masters of camouflage, slinking along the water’s edge, weaving in and out grass and plants. You may even have a problem picking it out in the photo. We also heard a Virginia Rail, not a bird you can ever count on seeing, but because of our time at Beaver Creek State Natural Area this summer, we are quick to identify their various sounds. This will probably become a regular stop on our comings and goings from Elkton to Salemtowne. It’s a great place to shake off the daze of freeway travel, get in a little walk, breath some fresh air, and spot some good friends. 

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