Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Rewards of Hiking

This is an Elk that I photographed yesterday morning out of a herd of ten I came upon at an undisclosed location in the Beaver Creek StateNatural Area.  (Exact location available with an appropriate bribe) Anyone who spends much time hiking, even in remote locations, will realize what an unusual opportunity it is to see Elk up this close and with them standing still long enough to photograph.

In my volunteer position as Host at the Welcome Center, I am asked lots of questions about the trails and hiking.  I hand out a map and explain some of the options, but I’ve decided being able to give them firsthand information from actual experience would be the best.  To that end I have set a goal for myself to hike all the trails here at Beaver Creek SNA this summer. There are almost twenty different trails, of which I have hiked five.  Yesterday I added a couple more, and to my great surprise was rewarded with the Elk sighting.

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