Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Magical Evening

We were dead tired tonight after a busy afternoon at the Welcome Center, but Buster had other ideas as he had been cooped up in the RV all afternoon. He wanted to go for his evening walk, and was so persistent, that we finally gave up in total frustration and went for a walk.  We took a short route that we often do down to the Beaver Marsh Trail.  We could hear the song of the Common Yellow-throats that we so often enjoy on this trail, and the Swallows were busy swooping for the last bugs of the day.  All of a sudden we heard the unmistakable grunting noise of a Virginia Rail, and then another one answered on the other side of the trail, a third chimed in from a short distance further.  Jeanette got out her iPhone and using a birding App attempting to lure them into further conversation.  Three times I was close enough to see the grass move, but never spotted a bird.  That’s the way it is with Virginia Rails, easy to recognize by their grunts and clicks, but usually impossible to see.  We forgot all about our frustration with Buster and embraced the magic of the evening. 

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