Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Misty Mornings

 Misty Mornings are what we are growing to expect here at the Welcome Center at Beaver Creek State Natural Area.  And with the inland valley currently baking away daily with temps in the 90’s we are considering ourselves very fortunate.  We are also getting a sense of what our responsibilities will be and an idea of what our daily schedule will start to look like.  We have the responsibility of opening the gate each morning at 8:00, which allows visitors access to the parking lot and grounds, but the Welcome Center which we will man does not open until 12:00, leaving us with basically free mornings to putter or bird.  We think today might represent a typical morning for us and start to be routine; after unlocking the gate we went birding for a couple of hours, around the Center, and down on the marsh. Below is a Common Yellowthroat, one of three males that we saw this morning.