Thursday, June 27, 2013

Unpacking and Repacking

This is what is going on now.  We are unpacking and cleaning the motor home from my trip to Collier Memorial State Park, and repacking the motor home for our next volunteer job which starts Monday. We will be volunteering for the months of July and August on the Oregon Coast at Beaver Creek State Natural Area.  Located about half way between Newport and Waldport, Beaver Creek State Natural Area is a relatively new Oregon State Park, having just opened in 2010.  We will be staffing the Visitors Center which is located about a mile up Beaver Creek from Highway 101. Because our motor home is on the small side and two months is a good block of time we have to be very discerning on what we take. One other complication for us is that we are renting out our home for part of the time that we are gone.  So I’m finding the process a little confusing, packing up the motor home, and at the same time leaving our house presentable for someone else. 

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