Tuesday, June 18, 2013

...more on Colusa

I put together yesterday’s post about Colusa late last night, but we had such a great stay and there is more to share, so I’ll post a bit more. In the above photo Jeanette is shown this morning enjoying her morning coffee at our parking site before we left on our journey back to Oregon. The story of the present success of the Colusa-Sacramento River SRA has some interesting layers.  It is well known that the state of the California State Parks is a mess or maybe better put in shambles. Lack of funding has forced them to close many parks, or at best stay open with a reduced work force that cannot possibly keep up with maintenance and upkeep.  We are keenly aware of their dire straits as we travel though the state and attempt to use some of their parks.  Colusa however stands out as a shining example of another direction.  The operation of the park has been taken over by the small City of Colusa.  They have installed a full time campground host (who was friendly and helpful), the grounds are well kept, and the rates are low.  In most California State Parks the rate is 35 dollars a night for a no hook-up site.  At Colusa the rate is 26 dollars, less 2 dollars for a senior discount.  Bear in mind that we only paid 13 dollars because of the ENROUTE CAMPING with the senior discount, and add to that we had the parking lot to ourselves. That equals a couple of happy campers!  


  1. Donaldsville LarryJune 19, 2013 at 4:33 AM

    Nicely put, Jim. I hope you will be able to use other asphalt camping area on future trips. Now you've only got 10 days to be moved from home to your new home-away-from-home for a couple of months. Remind Cuz J. to send us your work schedule so we can make plans to come for a visit. Wouldn't it be nice if we could drag Patty along on a half-day trip? What do you say, Cuz P.?

  2. Will let you know more after we are there, but our days off are going to be Tue & Wed, but even when working we will have time to talk to visitors.