Saturday, June 22, 2013

Casino Camping

For some time I’ve kind of wanted to take advantage of free camping at a casino parking lot.  Tonight that opportunity presented itself, and here I am parked for the night at the KLA-MO-YA Casino along Highway 97 North of Klamath Falls.  There is more to the story of course.  We have been planning for several months now to join friends from the Chemeketa Outdoor Club from Salem for a few days of camping and birding at Collier Memorial State Park.  They arrive Monday and leave on Wednesday. We made reservations to come a day early on Sunday so that I could get an idea of what was going on in the bird world.  Yesterday, Jeanette was informed by her doctor that she has Shingles, so she elected to stay home. My plan was still to leave Sunday morning and drive over to Collier, but after looking at the weather and seeing the forecast of rain I began to think of options.  A closer look revealed that the rain was coming in late Sat night building to a 90% chance by 10:00AM.  It occurred to me that if I drove over this afternoon I would be ahead of the rain, and then by Wed the rain would be gone.  The reason this is important is that I just spent 2 days cleaning the motorhome and dirty spatter of rain sounded like a wasted effort.  What I didn’t take into consideration or think was possible, was that the campground would be full! This casino is close by, the parking is free, and I needed diesel anyway.  I’ll see how this works, its quiet now.   

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