Thursday, September 15, 2011

Patience Snagged and Snapped

Since returning home to Elkton in June, I have begun a daily regimen of bike riding.  Five mornings a week at 6:30 I join some other riders and we ride out a quiet road along the Umpqua River for an eleven mile round trip. For the last several weeks when we ride across the bridge we see men attempting to snag salmon. It’s an annual thing, and although illegal, it gets to be accepted as just part of the season. However, this morning on our return trip I noticed they were attempting to snag the fish using a rope and a grappling hook! My patience snapped. I rode on home, got my camera and returned to take some photos.  By then the sun was fully up and they had discarded the grappling hook and where using traditional fishing rods to attempt to snag the salmon. “Snag or attempt to snag gamefish” is unlawful. Oh, by the way here is their license plate.



  1. dagonned snaggers! good catch Dad - I hope they get fined. grrrrr.....

  2. Awesome work, Jim. I get just as steamed as you when I see the same stuff going on.

  3. Take your camera on the bike ride tomorrow. Good for you to actually do something,not just whine like the rest of us.