Sunday, September 11, 2011

A New Chapter

First, let me apologize to my faithful readers for the recent lack of posts.  We have been way too busy with several things, one of which was trading for a new smaller motor home.  It seems that since making the decision in June, to give up volunteering at state parks and such, that our Holiday Rambler coach was overkill.  We no longer needed an RV that we could live in for months at a time, but instead needed something that would work a little better for short trips, be easier to drive, cheaper to operate, and allow us to camp in the smaller sites of national forest campgrounds.  We ended up with this 2010 Winnebago View which has an economical diesel engine, is 7 feet shorter in length, a foot and a half shorter in height, and a foot narrower.  It’s also 5 tons lighter, and should get two to three times better mileage.  So, we begin a new chapter in our lives, one in which we hope will involve lots of short trips to ramble around in the great outdoors in comfort appropriate for two elderly persons.     

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on the new RV! Looks like a winner all the way around. Elderly? Ha! I hope I'm a youthful "elderly" like you in 30 years. Enjoy the new wheels, nothing like the USFS campgrounds.