Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Collier Memorial State Park

Here is our campsite in Collier Memorial State Park.  We arrived at the logging museum area of the park late morning to meet friends Ron & Beverly Noble.  While Ron and I wandered through the logging equipment, the girls made lunch.  After lunch the Nobles journeyed on and we moved our motor home to the campground. I got out the chairs and we actually sat down to just relax and enjoy the nice weather.  We soon noticed bird activity and were pulled into watching, identifying and counting. We counted a dozen Yellow-rumped Warblers that were busy feeding on aphids in the aspen leaves. Most active and entertaining however were the squirrels.  Douglas Squirrels chattered away with their squeaky calls high in the tall ponderosas where they were harvesting pine cones. Chipmunks scurried through the campsites looking for left-overs. Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels poked out of their burrows and scampered to boulders to sit in the sun, their bodies fat from a summer of feeding. Ah,-- we may stay another day.   

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